Aqua farming, Processing and Trading of Eels  

Live, Frozen, Smoked



The company "SIMONI BROTHERS S.A."  resides in Galatista Chalkidiki Northern Greece. Galatista is a semi mountainous village, with rich underground water. The crystal clear and enriched water is used by the company for aqua farming of eels (0,2gr up to 2kg) under ideal conditions.

"SIMONI BROTHERS S.A." is a completely vertical aqua farming unit, from the stage of farming to processing and distribution of eels and other fishes. The unit has been certified according to international standards ISO and IACCR and is functioning under the permanent monitoring and inspection of the responsible veterinary authorities, when it regards the health of fishes and the hygiene of final products according to the National and European legislation.

We provide:

Smoked eel

Smoked salmon filet (natural or marinated)

Smoked salmon burgers (natural or marinated)

Smoked mackerel filet (natural or marinated)

Smoked Octopus marinated, boiled

Smoked fish pastrami

Smoked trout

Smoked chub mackerel

Atlantic bonito

The products do not contain any conservatives and no additional chemical taste-agents or colouring substances are used.

We sell directly to: super markets, luxurious hotels, chosen restaurants and ouzo taverns, and Delicatessen in Greece and abroad. Our European Union export code nr is 50A81.

The shipping is immediate. Delivery time is 24-hours for the mainland of Greece and 48-hours for the Greek islands.

The continuous awards confirm the quality of our products.







Smoked eel

Address: Galatista Chalkidiki Greece

Smoked salmon filet, smoked salmon burgers

Phone: +30 23710 31157

Smoked mackerel filet, smoked Octopus

Fax: +30 23710 31528

Smoked trout, Atlantic bonito


Smoked fish pastrami, smoked chub mackerel

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